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As the co-owner and operator of Roaring Springs Waterpark and Wahooz Family Fun Zone in Meridian, we have had the pleasure of working with Robert Simison for over a decade and believe there is no better candidate for mayor. His dedication to the development of Meridian is complemented by his caring nature and commitment to our community. He has the relationships and knowledge to work through the unique challenges of our city and is truly invested in its future. Robert has helped build a partnership between our businesses and the city of Meridian that has allowed Roaring Springs and Wahooz to grow and expand their entertainment offerings to our community. Our public/private partnership is best exemplified by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council event hosted at Wahooz, which gives teens fun, hands-on learning experiences to help them make good and safe choices. Robert has our support for the next mayor of Meridian.

Pat Morandi and Tom Nicholson, Meridian

Local politics

Rep. John Vander Woude’s phony outrage alleging federal intervention in the affairs of Idaho would be hilarious but for its malevolently bad-faith intent. Crisis actor indeed. The idea that the feds are forcing Medicaid expansion on Idaho is ridiculous on the face of it. The Idaho GOP are the ones intervening against the voters’ directive to implement Medicaid expansion. Note to the statehouse GOP politburo: We voted for a clean expansion overwhelmingly, and Republicans have been gaslighting it ever since with nonsensical arguments, unasked-for sideboards and other tactics to render the whole endeavor useless. Since the ACA (Obamacare) came into effect years ago, with the first three years 100% paid by federal money, the Idaho GOP has been foot-dragging, resisting, proposing useless repeal and replace scenarios that no one takes seriously as actual medical coverage. Your own fact-finding commissions determined the first 10 years would be a huge plus for jobs, payrolls, the broader economy, tax revenues and the overall health of Idahoans. Had you acted expeditiously and in good faith, Idaho would now be enjoying the full benefit of Medicaid expansion. Please Idaho voters, pull a different lever in November 2020.

Chris Morris, Caldwell


We’ve had Russian collusion; two agonizing years of the Mueller report; innumerable threats of impeachment debunked due to false evidence; Stormy Daniels; obstruction of justice; claims that the “president is a racist”; an ominous recession warning; and a return to abasing Justice Kavanaugh.

Most are becoming distant memories, still they happened and bring a shameful, hateful darkness over this period in our history based on a single cause – Trump rage.

Now, we are faced with the “heinous” phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president that has become the latest fixation with strident calls of “cover-up,” and more threats of impeachment. This too shall pass as futile overreaching but not before a virulent stream of anti-Trump pundits appear nightly on accommodating media outlets to promote their manufactured crisis.

Meanwhile, nothing is getting done. No movement on health care, gun control or immigration reform – things that actually matter. We can expect the Democrats to keep doing what they do with more baseless charges up until the 2020 election in an effort to destroy a candidate that they can’t legitimately defeat. And we’ll hear their sophomoric mantra, “no one is above the law” incessantly in their near-maniacal quest for impeachment.

Charlie Nations, Eagle

Letters to the editor: Mayor, politics, Democrats

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