Qualifying Day 2 in Northwest Louisiana

SHREVEPORT, La. – It’s day 2 of qualifying for the October election.

Here’s a breakdown of those who signed up on Tuesday and today in the top regional and parish offices:


Senate District 31 – Louie Bernard, Republican, Natchitoches; Douglas Brown, Republican, Cheneyville.

Senate District 36 – Ryan Gatti, Republican, Bossier City; Robert Mills, Republican, Benton; Mattie Preston, Democrat, Minden.

Senate District 37 – Debbie Hollis, Independent, Shreveport; Barrow Peacock, Republican, Shreveport.

Senate District 38 – John Milkovich, Democrat, Keithville; Barry Milligan, Republican, Shreveport.

Senate District 39 – Barbara Norton, Democrat, Shreveport; Gregory Tarver, Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 1 – James Harper, Republican, Shreveport; Randall Liles, Republican Shreveport; Danny McCormick, Republican, Vivian.

State Representative District 2 – Sam Jenkins Jr., Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 3 – Tammy Phelps, Democrat, Shreveport; Daryl Joe Walters, Democrat, Shreveport.

State Representative District 5 – Brian Salvatore, Democrat, Shreveport; Alan Seabaugh, Republican Shreveport.

State Representative District 6 – Thomas Pressly, Republican, Shreveport.

State Representative District 7 – Larry Bagley, Republican, Logansport.

State Representative District 8 – Raymond Crews, Republican, Bossier City.

State Representative District 9 – Dodie Horton, Republican, Haughton.

State Representative District 10 – Wayne McMahen, Republican, Springhill.

State Representative District 11 – Patrick Jefferson, Democrat, Homer.

State Representative District 22 – Gabe Firment, Republican, Pollock; Carl Ray Lasyone, Republican, Colfax.

State Representative District 23 – Kenny R. Cox, Democrat, Mansfield.

State Representative District 24 – Willie Banks, Independent; Greg Lord, Republican, Leesville; Rodney Schamerhorn, Republican, Florien.

BESE District 4 – Tony Davis, Republican, Natchitoches.


Sheriff – Steve Prator, Republican, Shreveport; Eric Hatfield, Democrat, Shreveport; “Mike Chicken Commander” Boyter, other party, Vivian; Glenn Cornell, no party, Shreveport.

Clerk of Court – Mike Spence, Democrat, Shreveport.

Assessor – Charles Henington Jr., Democrat, Shreveport.

Coroner – Todd G. Thoma, Republican, Shreveport.

Caddo Commission:

District 1 – Ken Brown, Republican, Shreveport; Todd Hopkins, Republican, Mooringsport.

District 2 – Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 4 – James Carstensen, Republican, Shreveport; Christopher David, Republican, Shreveport; John-Paul Young, Republican, Shreveport.

District 5 – Roy Burrell, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 6 – Steffon D. Jones, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 7 – Stormy Gage-Watts, Democrat, Shreveport.

District 8 – Jim Taliaferro, Republican, Shreveport.

District 9 – John Atkins, Republican, Shreveport.

District 10 – Mario Chavez, Republican, Shreveport.

District 11 – Parker Ward, Republican, Shreveport.

District 12 – Ken Epperson, Democrat, Shreveport; Louis Johnson, Democrat, Shreveport.


District Judge 26th District – Charles Smith, Republican, Bossier City.

Sheriff – Julian Whittington, Republican, Benton.

Clerk of Court – Jill Sessions, Republican, Bossier City.

Assessor – Bobby Edmiston, Republican, Benton.

Coroner – John M. Chandler, Republican, Benton.

Bossier Parish Police Jury:

District 1 – Bob Brotherton, Republican, Elm Grove.

District 2 – Glenn Benton, Republican, Haughton; William Wittmer, Libertarian, Haughton.

District 3 – Wes Shepherd, Republican, Benton; Jim Viola, Republican, Bossier City; Robert D. Williams, Republican, Benton.

District 4 – Norman Craig, Republican, Haughton; John Ed Jorden, Republican, Benton.

District 5 – Jack “Bump”’ Skaggs, Republican, Bossier City.

District 6 – Chris Marsiglia, Republican, Bossier City; Steven “Greg” Nichols, Republican, Bossier City.

District 7 – Jimmy Cochran, Democrat, Bossier City.

District 8 – Douglas Rimmer Sr., Republican, Bossier City.

District 10 – Jerome Darby, Independent, Bossier City.

District 11 – Tom Salzer, Republican, Bossier City.

District 12 – Paul “Mac” Plummer, Republican, Bossier City.


Sheriff: Jayson Richardson, no party, Gloster.

Clerk of Court – Jeremy Evans, Democrat, Logansport; Brandy Koenig Pearce, Republican, Frierson.

Assessor – Anne Gannon, Democrat, Logansport.

Coroner – Pat McGauly, no party, Stonewall; Jeffrey Evans Republican, Mansfield.

DeSoto Parish Police Jury:

District 1A – Bruce Abram, Democrat, Keachi; Bill Bagley, Republican, Grand Cane; Jimmy Holmes Jr., Republican, Keachi.

District 1B – Dewayne Mitchell, Democrat, Logansport Daniel Polley, Democrat, Logansport.

District 1C – Keith Parker, no party, Mansifeld; Joe Wiggins Jr., Democrat, Mansifeld.

District 2 – Jimbo Davlin, Republican, Stonewall.

District 3 – Greg Baker, Republican, Stonewall; Jeremy Wilson, Republican, Stonewall.

District 4A – Ryan Dupree, Republican, Gloster; Richard Fuller, Democrat, Mansfield; Tom Gatti, Republican, Gloster.

District 4B – Jeri Burrell, Democrat, Mansfield; Donald Ray Davenport, Democrat, Mansfield; Charlotte Miller, Independent, Grand Cane.

District 4C – Ernel Jones, Democrat, Mansfield; Donny Taylor Jr., Democrat, Mansfield.

District 4D – JoAnn Peoples Adkins, Democrat, Mansfield; Thomas Jones, Democrat, Mansfield; Will Richardson, Democrat, Mansfield.

District 5 – Reggie Roe, Democrat, Frierson; Jemayel Warren, Democrat, Grand Cane.

District 6 – Ricky McPhearson, Republican, Pelican; Rodriguez Dale Ross, Democrat, South Mansfield.


Sheriff – Gene Hanson, Republican, Cotton Valley; Don Smith, Democrat, Sarepta.

Clerk of Court – Holli Vining, no party, Minden.

Assessor – Carole Denise Edwards, no party, Minden; Hugh Wood, Republican, Minden.

Sarepta police chief – Michael McCullen, Republican, Sarepta.

Webster Parish Police Jury:

District 1 – Bruce Blanton, Independent, Springhill.

District 2 – Allen Gilbert, Independent, Springhill.

District 3 – Daniel G. Thomas, Republican, Springhill.

District 4 – Randy Thomas, Republican, Minden.

District 5 – Bernard Hudson, Democrat, Minden.

District 6 – Jim Bonsall, Democrat, Minden.

District 7 – Steve Lemmons, Republican, Dubberly.

District 8 – Nick Cox, no party, Minden.

District 9 – Jerri Lee, Democrat, Minden.

District 10 – Vera Davison, Democrat, Minden.

District 11 – Steve Ramsey, Democrat, Heflin.

District 12 – Clay Craig, Democrat, Doyline.


Sheriff – John Ballance, Democrat, Jamestown; Stephen Beard, Democrat, Arcadia; Henry Ford, Democrat, Arcadia.

Clerk of Court – William “Eddie” Holmes, no party, Arcadia.

Assessor – Carol Brown, Independent, Arcadia.

Coroner – Don Smith, Democrat, Arcadia.


Sheriff – Michael Allen, Independent, Homer; Sam Dowies, no party, Homer; Jerry Lee Dunn Jr., no party, Homer; Russell Mills, no party, Homer; Vincent Smith, Democrat, Haynesville.

Clerk of Court – Brian Flynn, no party, Homer.

Assessor – Bob Robinson, no party, Homer.

Coroner: Mark Haynes, no party, Homer.


Sheriff – Glen Edwards, Democrat, Coushatta.

Clerk of Court – Stuart Shaw, Independent, Coushatta.

Assessor – Dovie Beard, Independent, Coushatta; Tenisha Canterbury, Democrat, Coushatta; Vaughn Womack, Democrat, Coushatta.

Coroner – Wyche Coleman Jr., Republican, Coushatta.


Sheriff – Steve Pezant, Republican, Natchitoches; Steve Rachal, Republican, Natchitoches; Stuart Wright, no party, Natchitoches.

Clerk of Court – David Stamey, Independent, Natchitoches.

Assessor – Timothy Page, Democrat, Natchitoches.

Coroner – Timothy Collins, Republican, Natchitoches.

Parish president – Jerry Longlois, Democrat, Natchitoches; John Richmond, no party, Natchitoches; Lee Waskom, no party, Natchitoches; Nicholas Ryan Wright, no party, Robeline.

Campti mayor – Judy LeBrum Daniels, Democrat, Campti; Kristopher Vidos, Independent, Campti; LaRon Winslow, Democrat, Campti.


Sheriff – Chris Abrahams, Independent, Many; Frankie Howard, Republican, Negreet; Aaron Mitchell, Republican, Florien; Ronny Richardson, Republican, Converse.

Clerk of Court – Pollie Brandon, Democrat, Many; Shelly Salter, Republican, Florien.

Assessor – Ronny Bison, Republican, Many; Carl Chance, Democrat, Florien; Carroll Ellzey, Democrat, Florien; Chris Tidwell, Republican, Many; Donnie Wooley, Independent, Many.

Coroner – Mark Holder, Republican, Many; Ron Rivers, Democrat, Converse.

School Board District 5 – Genevieve Gordon, Democrat, Many.

Many alderman-at-large – Mary Beth Key Brocato, Democrat, Many.

Noble police chief – Robert Wayne “Bob” Grant, Independent, Noble.

Qualifying Day 2 in Northwest Louisiana

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